Valencia, September 23 (EFE). – Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat, proposed this Friday that “tax efforts” be taken into account for each autonomy during the allocation of funds by the state. those who “want fiscal disarmament.”

The president, who took part in a debate with former PP minister José Manuel García Margallo and political scientist Carmen Lumbierres on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of, has confirmed that he conveyed this idea to the parliament this Friday. the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, with whom he met for a few minutes at the Palau de la Generalitat before intervening in the digital newspaper forum.

In a debate moderated by journalist Esther Palomera, Puig asserted that it “doesn’t seem right now” to abolish taxes such as the inheritance tax and demand more resources from the central state.

“Another time, the idea might have made sense, but now it is necessary to strengthen the welfare state”, which is why he has advocated “a deep tax reform so that those who have more pay more”.

Margallo has confirmed that in Europe, only Switzerland and Norway retain this tax “because it creates a flight of taxpayers”, who also stop paying income tax, and discourages saving.

For his part, Lumbierres has pointed out that “in France there is a tax on the wealth, inheritance or donation of real estate, which also charges the inheritance”, and has found that “both the progressive funding model and the center-right are justified, but in the current situation it seems unfair to abolish this tax”.

“PP communities that opposed greater decentralization are now the ones seeking financial autonomy without financial sufficiency,” the political scientist added. This breaks the unity of Spain and encourages competition even within the same political party.

When asked about reforming the funding model, Puig lamented that “Basque and Catalan nationalists have never wanted to talk about federalism. It is intolerable that no agreement can be reached on a new funding model from 2014. There are areas that are more comfortable with this system than others and this is a situation that cannot survive, we cannot pretend that the problem does not exist.

Ximo Puig has said that in 2014 he met with representatives of the Bank of Spain and told them that the per capita income of the Valencian community was twelve points below the national average. “They told me where I got this information from, that it wasn’t true, and I said it was from the Bank of Spain. The paradigm of ‘Get up happy’ is left, we are invisible.

“We have never sought a new funding model for the Valencian community, but rather for Spain, based above all on financial sufficiency,” added the Socialist president.

Regarding “radicalization and ungovernment”, Margallo has pointed out that “it is all over the world, in the UK, in Sweden, in Italy, also in Latin America, in Chile, in Peru, in Colombia… In Spain, those of us who were at the center – have included PSOE – we understood the basic values: the unity of Spain, the separation of powers, multilateralism… which some parties now blatantly deny.

“It started to fail – continued the former minister – in 2014, (when) new parties were formed due to the sins of the central parties. We (PP) paid for cuts, corruption, weakness towards Catalonia and we had Ciudadanos, Podemos and now Vox and with this card it is difficult to understand each other, we are in absolute radicalization. And the big laws that this government has passed have come by accident. We must return to rationality.

In this sense, Puig has pointed out that “in Germany, if a new financing model does not come out, it will be blocked and the regions will discuss it in the parliament, because it should not be a party’s problem. But here the Senate is where the Leader of the Opposition is positioned to create a parallel general political debate.

“Federal loyalty means protecting one’s own interests, but sympathizing with those of others, the general global interest. Of course, agreements are never happy, but they must be reached, it is necessary. And if we are more sprayed, then let the sprayed also participate, because if not, the gaps will get bigger and bigger,” concluded the president.

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