Pamplona (EFE). – The debate at Pamplona City Hall on the state of the city confronts two visions of Pamplona, ​​a city that is “very well placed” with its resources and finances to deal with the crisis. in the opposition’s assessment of the management of Na+ and the management of the city, which is run with “fraud” and “opacity”.

Mayor Enrique Maya has defended in the debate that Pamplona “is ready” to face future challenges and also confirmed that in 2023, despite the “hack” that requires the suppression of the capital letter due to the “submission” of PSN, EH Bildu and Geroa Bai to the government, does not raise taxes and can lower the price of the blue zone.

After inviting PSN to agree on “relevant issues”, Maya has gone over everything that has been done since the last general discussion and hinted at the upcoming projects for Media Luna, La Milagrosa, Camino de Santiago and the extension of the bike path. , new parking lots, celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Union Privilege, restoration of housing for social purposes, the first cultural diversity plan, new supervised apartments for the elderly, Santo Domingo Gardens or Cordovilla Bases – Gala plan for 4,000 homes.

However, for EH Bildu’s spokesperson, Maya’s balance is “management based on talk, deception and lies”, adding that he is “the most criticized mayor of the most questioned government team”, and has emphasized that “The only thing he can do is are projects of the previous legislature.”

The mayor of Pamplona at the plenary session of the city debate. Villar Lopez

Very critical opposition to the management of the municipal team

According to Joseba Asiron, the Maya regime is “fraud and courtier”, to which he has added a “poor democratic spirit”, “flawed things” such as the rebuilding of Sarasate, “obscene” spending for “identity obsessions”. from nearly 200,000 euros in the cost of the flag and “false” Labrit catwalk, which has risen from 100,000 to 180,000 euros.

Socialist Maite Esporrín has also criticized NA+’s “lies, nonsense and waste” and “unilateral action in the party and electoral key”, with “bad forms”, “as a judge and a party”, as well as “opacity”. ” in various files, “even forcing a trial”, for which he has regretted the “selfish and irresponsible law”, which “does not accept opposition criticism or control” and which “does not assume democratic defeats, without hesitation to question” institutions where they do not send .”

And he has decried the “partisan use” of conventional symbols and public benefits and verbal “threats” using burofax or legal writings “to try to silence us” because “what you have agreed upon is only what is convenient for you. fulfilled’, because in other cases he decides to ‘impose’, for example the pedestrian bridge of Labrit, the urbanization of Paseo de Sarasate or the flag of Navarre, an expense that is ‘exorbitant’ in times of crisis.

Finally, Geroa Bai’s spokesperson, Patxi Leuza, has accused the mayor of Pamplona of his “failure to manage”, “lack of transparency” and “xenophobic” attitude, and claimed that the city’s management is transparent.

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