Seville (EFE).- The medicine auction It will go down in Andalusian history sooner rather than later, as announced by the president of the Andalusian government, Juanma Moreno, because during this term they will reform the pharmaceutical law as soon as possible.

Moreno, who graduated from the ongoing XXII National Pharmaceutical Congress Sevillehave said that they will abolish the drug auction by law “in the event that there is a change of government in the future to make it a little more difficult not to go back”, and have confirmed that the system is a tool that has not benefited society or pharma”.

He has said that law reform will be carried out with sector involvement, participation and input, and has advocated for public-private agreements to be reached.

Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía. EFE/Jose Manuel Vidal

End of auction validity

In practice, there is no longer a pharmaceutical auction in Andalucia, as the last term of the auction that remained in force expired at the end of 2020, as it had been planned by the previous socialist executive.

Drug auctions were promoted in 2011 by the socialist government with María Jesús Montero as advisor and always had the rejection of the PP and criticism of the sector, which even criticized the lack of drugs, unequal access to drugs, or that it is in conflict with drugs. market unit.

The Andalusian Pharmaceutical Law stated that public calls could be organized to select the drug from the pharmaceutical laboratory whose proposal was the lowest final cost for the Andalusian Health Service.

Moreno has always chosen access to medicines based on medical criteria and not savings, and condemned the crime along with the rest of the Spanish people.

Medication overuse headache is a type of headache caused by overuse of migraine medications.  EFE
group of drugs

The PSOE has continued to defend the auction as a measure of fairness and efficiency in the parliament and estimated the savings achieved since 2011 at nearly 570 million euros.

Thank you pharmacists

On the other hand, the head of the Andalusian executive thanked in the pharmaceutical sector his work during the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic with a “magnificent, huge and professional” task.

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