Madrid, September 23 (EFE).- The National Meteorological Agency (Aemet) is forecasting rain tomorrow, Saturday, in the Pyrenees, Catalonia, the Community of Valencia, the northern Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, with showers and storms that may be locally strong.

The rain may spread more weakly towards the center of the peninsula and the rest of the Balearic Islands, with little cloudiness or cloudy intervals in Andalucia, the western part of the plateau and the southern part of Galicia.

Cloudiness is expected in the Canary Islands, showers will spread from southwest to northeast and may become locally heavy in Gran Canaria and the western part of the archipelago.

The maximum temperature decreases in the Canary Islands and in the central, northern and western parts of the peninsula, especially in the eastern part of the Northern Plateau, but rises in the southern Mediterranean. The minimum falls on the Balearic Islands and the northern part of the peninsula. A few changes to the rest.

In the Canary Islands, the wind blows from the northeast, which shifts to the eastern component and strengthens in the west of the archipelago. Northerly component wind in the northwest quadrant of the peninsula and in the Ebro valley, southerly component wind in the Balearics, which turns to a northerly component. Weak variable in the Strait region, worsening westward. Variable winds, generally calm, in the rest of the country.


-GALICIA: cloudy sky in the extreme north and cloudy in the rest. Fog and morning fog banks indoors. In the northern third of Lugo and in the mountains, there will be light rain and showers, which may also occur scattered in other regions of the autonomous region in the first half of the day. The temperature drops, light on the coast. A northerly wind is blowing, weak inland, although with more intense intervals in the west and south, which will subside in the morning on the north coast.

-ASTURIA: cloudy weather, a little rain, which may be accompanied by a storm. Fog and morning fog banks indoors. The temperature drops, light on the coast. West and northwest winds, generally calm.

-CANTABRIA: Cloudy weather with rain and showers that are more frequent and intense on the coast and weaker in the extreme south. Temperature drop, indoors more pronounced than the maximum. West and north-west winds blow on the coast, while inland it blows weakly from the north.

-BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy skies, with cloudy intervals in Vitoria, accompanied by rains and showers, more frequent and intense on the coast. Falling temperatures; it is more blamed that it is possible to be remarkable in the interior in the southeast. Westerly component wind blows on the coast and northwest wind inland.

-CASTILLA Y LEÓN: cloudy skies in the northern and eastern thirds, with little chance of rain, especially in the northeast. Possible fog banks in the mountains. The rest will be partly cloudy to partly cloudy with occasional light showers, preferably in the mountains. At the end of the day, there will be partly cloudy or clear skies, except in the northern mountains. A drop in temperature that can be maximally noticeable. Winds are blowing from the northeast and north, generally calm.

-NAVARRA: Cloudy at the beginning of the day, with rain and showers confined to the northwest in the afternoon, large clearings may occur in the south and center. Temperatures are falling, the maximum is in large areas. The north-west wind that lays the Cierzo in the Ebro valley.

-LA RIOJA: Cloudy skies with a chance of light rain. The Ebro valley tends to become partly cloudy towards the end and cloudy between Ibérica. A drop in temperature that can be maximally noticeable. North-west and north winds are blowing.

-ARAGÓN: mostly cloudy skies, in the afternoon in the Iberian system and the Pyrenees there will be showers in places, without excluding that they will be locally strong in the east and spread to nearby areas. In the early hours of the morning, showers and storms are expected in Huesca, which may be strong at times. Falling temperatures; locally significant for maxima in the Zaragoza Iberian system. In the Ebro valley, a weak wind blows from the northwest, which increases in the afternoon; weak northerly and westerly winds in the rest.

-CATALUÑA: Cloudy skies with showers and thunderstorms in the early morning that may be strong or very strong at times, especially on the central and eastern coasts and the foreshore. In the afternoon, showers are again expected in the Pyrenees, probably accompanied by a storm, which does not exclude strong intensity or spreading to other northern points; in the last hours they are also likely at coastal points. Minimum temperatures decrease on the western side and without significant changes on the rest; maximum descent, locally significant in Girona Pyrenees. Generally weak wind, which in Ampurdán strengthens to the north and on the central coast to the northeast; a predominance of westerlies and southerly components for the rest of the afternoon, except for the south of Tarragona, with north-westerly intervals in the early hours and at the end of the day.

-EXTREMADURA: Partly Cloudy. The minimum temperature in the mountains drops a little, and in the rest, a slight increase and a maximum on the descent. A light west and north wind is blowing.

-COMMUNITY OF MADRID: Cloudy with low and intermittent clouds, in the afternoon large clearings will open, especially in the mountains. In the central system and even in the eastern region, low precipitation is not excluded. Minimum temperatures decrease in the mountains, in the rest it is little or unchanged; the elevations also decrease, although slightly in the southern part. There is a variable wind that tends to the northern component.

-CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: It will be mostly cloudy in Guadalajara and partly cloudy in the rest, the partly cloudy will decrease at night until the end of the day with partly cloudy in the south-east. It is likely to rain with fog and fog banks, in the morning in the north of the Pyrenees and at night in the east of Albacete. Rain and even a thunderstorm in eastern Guadalajara and the eastern part of the region, which may spread to the west of Alcarreño. The minimum temperatures fall in the northeast, the rest are few or unchanged. Maximum temperatures decrease, except for an increase in the southeast of Albacete, remaining unchanged in the rest of the center and the south of the province. A variable wind blows.

-COMMUNITY OF VALENCIA: Cloudy skies and low clouds in Castellón, the rest will have high clouds that will become cloudier in the morning. Showers and storms are expected in the second half of the day, which may be locally strong and more likely inland in Castellon, the northern part of Alicante and the southern third of Valencia. Minimum temperatures with little change; Alicante rose and remained unchanged. A variable wind blows.

– MURCIA REGION: cloudy skies, occasional showers inland in the afternoon, more likely in the Altiplano, where they may be accompanied by storms. Fog and likely morning fog. Minimum temperatures unchanged and maximum increase. Changeable wind.

-BALEARIC ISLANDS: skies covered with showers and locally strong storms from the morning in Mallorca and Menorca and at night in Ibiza and Formentera; It is possible that they are very strong locally in the north of Mallorca and Menorca at night. Night and day temperatures rise with little change. The southerly wind tends to weaken in the afternoon.

-ANDALUSIA: partly cloudy skies, alternating with high clouds and daytime clouds in the mountains. On the coasts, low clouds and fog alternately, without excluding a wall of fog. Temperatures do not change or decrease, except on the Mediterranean slope, where the maximum increases. A variable wind will blow with a westerly trend, which will strengthen in the afternoon along the coast.

-CANARY ISLANDS: On the northern slopes, there will be low clouds at dawn, retreating under overcast skies to the whole archipelago with abundant medium and high clouds. Generally moderate rainfall will spread from southwest to northeast throughout the day across the Western Isles, although it may be heavy at times, with showers and thunderstorms beginning in the afternoon. On the rest of the islands, rainfall is generally light or moderate in places. Minimum temperatures with little change and maximums falling. The northeast wind blows, stronger on the northwest and southeast slopes of the islands with greater relief, with strong breaks at dawn. Winds of variable direction blow on the summits, except for Tenerife and El Hierro, where moderate southerly winds blow. Started in the late afternoon. Very strong outbreaks are expected in the western islands, especially in the extreme north and south and in the highlands.

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