sailing from Cadiz

A general view of the practice before the Spanish Grand Prix SailGP in the waters of the city of Cádiz, a F50 catamaran race considered the “Formula 1” of the sea.- EFE/Román Ríos.

Cadiz (EFE).- The city of Cadiz More than 40,000 spectators are preparing to take this weekend to enjoy the spectacle of the Sailgp World Circuit. The F50 catamaran competition, which is considered to be the 1st Formula 1 and considered in its waters.

To ensure the safety of the event taking place in the city waters for the second time, about a thousand members of the civil protection and state police and other security forces will be stationed in the city.

It is assumed to exceed 40,000 spectators

Last year, according to the organization, it gained about 40,000 spectators. However, it is hoped that this time will be able to match or overcome them.

The Spanish team during training before Spanish Grand Prix SailGP In the Waters of Cadiz, the F50 catamaran competition, considered to be the “Formula 1” of the sea.- Efe/Román Ríos.

The City Council has accompanied more than 70 sports, cultural and leisure activities with these boats competition. They concern 100 kilometers per hour, which is moved only by the wind.

Between them carnival performances In the Pavilion of Genovése Park, Mentero Square and Carlos III Promenade. Also flamenco in Plaza de San Juan de Dios and concerts and DJs in Plaza de San Antonio. It is complemented by batucadas in the various streets of the historic center.

Impact 20 million euros

The French team was regarded as the “Formula 1” of the sea during training in the waters of the city of Cádiz ahead of the Spanish SailGP Grand Prix, an F50 catamaran race. – EFE/Román Ríos.

The obligation to shine a light on the sports event, which last year brought an economic impact of nearly 20 million euros to the city and its surroundings.

The effect is compounded by the “excellent presentation” of water sports. The competition, which was watched by 250 million viewers in more than 140 countries during the last visit to the capital, Cádiz. EFE

Entrance Cádiz, the “formula 1” of the sea. first published in EFE news.

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