Last week, Ukraine announced the launch of a counter-offensive against Russian forces in the south of the country, which occupied Moscow in the first weeks after the Norwegian invasion. The Ukrainian official did not provide further information about the counteroffensive for tactical reasons. There is clear evidence that the mission has been completed, Trinquand said.

According to him, Sunday was one of them speech of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskho, who without all the details announced the capture of two cities in the south of Ukraine. I can assume that if even a dog aware of the embargo talks about it, it’s true, Trinquand said.

The success of the counter-offensive is also reflected in the postponed referendum on joining Russia in the occupied countries or sending Russian reinforcements south from the Donbass and Crimean peninsula.

I think the Ukrainians could take over the entire lower reaches of the Dnieper before the onset of winter, including the city of Kherson. We should not forget that surprisingly and very quickly the city fell prey to the arrest of the runaways, but the population there did not agree with the Russian occupation, Trinquand said.

According to him, Russia would thereby erase a serious wound, because it would have to admit guilt from the start of the conflict, the expert believes.

Slow but meaningful progress

It seems Russia was surprised by Ukraine’s strategy, Trinquand said. The advance of Russian troops was known to have destroyed Munic’s warehouses and logistics hubs, especially the railways, he added.

It’s early to go. I think the Ukrainians are making slow but meaningful progress. And we’ll see how things develop, US Undersecretary of Defense Colin Kahl said at the event reported by the Defense News server. But I definitely think things are getting better in the south now on the Ukrainian side, not the Russian side, he added.

Because of this incident, Ukrainian forces aim to regain half of Russian-occupied Kherson by the end of the year, a senior US official told CNN. According to them, it is an ambitious goal, but it is achievable.

According to US officials, Ukrainian forces have rushed to attack the Russian supply line with the aim of eavesdropping on and isolating Russian units currently scattered across the Dnieper River.

According to Ukrainian officials, the goal is to occupy at least all the land north or west of the Dnieper River, including the city of Kherson, but also Nova Kachovka, which is home to a hydroelectric power station and a canal that supplies Crimea with a large amount of water.

The Ukrainians celebrated their progress in Kharkiv

Thus, the Ukrainian village can be found in the Kharkiv region at the entrance to the country. Last day, under the control of Russian troops, they advanced at least 50 kilometers to the ground and liberated the village in 2. On Thursday, General Oleksiy Hromov of the Ukrainian General Staff made the announcement. The 700-square-kilometer country was under the control of the Ukrainian government.

Ukrainian soldiers forced their way into the entrance to the Ukrainian city of Balakliya, which had been occupied by Russian forces since the beginning of the war. The Ukrainian flag flies again above the town hall, the Ukrainian media wrote with an apology on social media on Thursday. Initially, the capture of strategically important cities has not yet been confirmed by official sources. Just a few hours later, two Russian media outlets reported that the city was surrounded on three sides, but still in Russian hands.

They (Ukrainian soldiers) drank from the west. There was the sound of automatic weapons in the city, but only faintly. It is quiet. There was no fighting in the city. Especially the Russians undressed, one of the locals came out. The control of the town of Balakliya and the Lech municipality to its north by Ukrainian forces could result in the Russian group being forced to leave near Izjum, the Meduza news server noted.

According to the latest information, Ukrainian forces have surrounded the city of Balaklia for the past two days and are on their way to Kuyansk, the main railway junction Russia uses to deliver all of its troops to eastern Ukraine, the BBC’s Russian editorial board reported. .

The Russian army began sending reinforcements to the Kharkov region, according to the American Institute for the Study of Wolves (ISW) from Russian sources. Until now, Russian forces in the area were probably not numerous, as Russia aims to conquer the rest of the Donetsk region and southern Ukraine.

So the Ukrainians apparently managed to take advantage of the moment of surprise and the relocation of Russian troops to the other axis of the battle and launched a very different counter-offensive in the Kharkov region northwest of the city of Izjum, the ISW said. I’m surprised that, according to ISW, ten Russian Internet commentators are chained to wolves, which demoralizes the Russian language.

The Ukrainian Air Force has carried out 30 airstrikes against the strongholds of the Russian army and groups of Russian soldiers in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian army commander regularly announced.

The Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense has destroyed two planes, two helicopters and five unmanned aerial vehicles in several places, Ukrainian General Tb said on Thursday. First, the mutually inflicted losses of both major sides cannot be independently attributed to the circumstances of the ongoing struggle.

Putin’s party wants referendum in November

Russia’s ruling United Russia party has proposed to hold referendums on November 4 in the occupied Ukrainian countries on their accession to Russia. It is correct to hold referendums on Donbass and the liberated countries on Nov. 4, party secretary Andrej Turak said, referring to National Unity Day, which Russia celebrates on the first Friday of November this year.

Now the Russians occupy the Chersonsk and Zporosk regions in the south and the Luhansk and Donsk regions at the entrance to Ukraine.

In connection with the referendums on accession to Russia, the 11th was mentioned as the date for the elections in the Russian regions. Initially, the occupied party told her that the referendum had to be postponed due to the security situation.

According to the TASS agency, Turak said that the people of Ukrainian countries are ready for the referendum. The secretary is quite confident that the vote on Russia’s accession will take place this year.

The newspaper Ukrainska pravda k Turakov wrote openly that, because of the seizure of occupied Ukrainian lands, Russia was holding pseudo-referendums in which the population seemed to come out to join Russia. But when the plans backfired due to resistance from local residents and a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces, the newspaper noted the suspended annexation.


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