We may not know what the S&P 500 stocks will look like next month or two years from now, but for decades, we have anticipated that they will rise. Most of us also know what a stock is, and this definition has not changed for centuries.
Of course, these are not true for cryptocurrencies. Some predict that currency will forever change the way we understand and interact with currency, while others warn of dangerous bubbles.
But regardless of people’s predictions for cryptocurrencies, it is increasingly difficult to imagine a future without them.
CNBC asked experts from various fields to describe their views on coins 50 years from now. For clarity, your answer has been condensed and edited.
• Ivory Johnson, Registered Financial Planner and Founder of Delancey Wealth Management
“Cryptocurrency will disrupt traditional finance because one of its most attractive advantages is the ability to do so with little or no cost, delay, or foreign currency fluctuations Effective cross-border transfer of payments. As far as Bitcoin is concerned, 50 years is a long time. Bitcoin may become the world’s reserve currency or the next AOL that makes many people rich until it is overthrown by better technology.”
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• Frederick Kaufman, author of “Money Conspiracy” : The History of Currency Charm, Control and Manipulation ”
” As early as 2071, the U.S. dollar and cryptocurrency will have more in common than silver or gold, so there is no need to doubt about the value storage and exchange medium. The life of a similar encryption algorithm, all currencies are a form of encryption. This has been the case from the beginning. As our lives become more and more integrated with the digital world, the motivation to invest in tokens will only accelerate. Ironically, this urge connects us with primitive instincts and goes to great lengths to keep us human.
• Dan Egan, VP of Behavioral Finance and Investment, Betterment
“Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have proven useful for currency movement and speculation, and are unlikely to disappear. But it is worth considering where and how we will generate energy for meet the needs of the growing crypto market, and whether state actors who see it as a competitor for legal power will make it more of a black market product.
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Meet a senator defending Bitcoin as a retirement asset
• Dragan Boscovic, Founder and Director of the Blockchain Research Laboratory at Arizona State University
“Central bank authorities are busy making regulations on cryptocurrencies. They recognize that digital currency originates from the digital economy and therefore will become mainstream in the next 10 years. ”


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