In a poll of more than 500 American adults conducted by Ipsos on Friday and Saturday, about 55% said they were pessimistic about the direction of the country, compared to pessimistic Americans who last asked the question in late April. 36% is almost 20 percentage points higher, although it is still far from hitting the 2013 record of 77%.

According to the survey results, pessimism among all age groups, income levels and political groups is on the rise. For example, optimism among Democrats and independents has dropped from 89% to 71% and from 64% to 38%, respectively.
reflects growing concerns about Covid19, and the percentage of Americans supporting Biden’s response to the pandemic fell to a low of 63%, which is 9 percentage points lower than his score at the end of March.

The results vary widely by political faction. Only 30% of Republicans said they agreed with Biden’s response to Covid19, while 93% of Democrats agreed.
In addition to Biden’s decline in pandemic scores, the president’s approval rate for dealing with crime (39%), immigration (37%), and gun violence (37%) remains low.

Key background
In the first 100 days after Biden took office, US optimism for the coming year reached 64% at the end of April, a level that Ipsos has never seen in weekly opinion polls in the past 15 years. As widespread vaccination efforts have been stepped up across the country, the number of new Covid19 cases at the time has fallen to a six-month low, but the rapid spread of the Delta variant of the virus has threatened to slow progress in the past few weeks.

Although with the widespread use of vaccines, the vaccination rate increased by 35 percentage points from January to April, but in the past three months, the vaccination rate has only increased by 13 percentage points, and the infection rate in Florida and other states has been in a short period of time. Almost doubled in just two weeks. The number of cases in the United States has increased at the fastest rate in the past three months.

Increasing pessimism also shocked the market this month. On Monday, the stock market had its worst day in nearly six months, when the Delta variant became the main strain of Covid19 in the United States. Although the stock market closed at an all-time high on Friday, volatility hit a two-month high this week. Peter Essel, head of investment management at Commonwealth Financial Network, said in an email this week: “The global economy is almost dependent on life.

Another wave of infections can trigger a lockdown, which may herald the death sentence of a fragile recovery.. “, echoing Biden’s warning the same day. “In the last six months, our economy has made great progress.

We cannot slow down now,” the president told reporters on Monday.
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