The Dow Jones index closed above 35,000 for the first time, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both hit record highs. After President Trump’s favorite success measure, Biden’s presidential election and inauguration exceeded Trump’s equivalent price for eight months or more. As Trump predicted in this video of the debate, the stock market under Biden has not collapsed.
The three major indexes, the Dow Jones Industrial 30 Index, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, and the Nasdaq Index, all produced greater percentage gains from their respective election days to the end of July. Biden’s best performance included from the election day on November 3 to the Friday after the election, because the game was not called until the weekend.
Biden’s Dow Jones and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index filings also defeated Trump on January 19, the day before his inauguration. The only indicator that the Trump index is higher is the Nasdaq index as of its inauguration date.
Using the results of the elections that favored Biden until the end of July and Trump being called the winner until the end of July 2017, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq index rose 6.1% and 10.1% and the 1.7% are under Biden’s leadership.
The Biden Dow Jones Index has always outperformed. Trump
The 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 index closed at 18,333. The index reacted positively to Trump’s victory, was stopped that night, and continued to rise until July.
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As of Tuesday, November 8 , Closing: up to 3,247 or 17.7%
since January 19 (the day before taking office): up 1,848 or 9.4%
Dow 30 under Trump
Dow 30 under Trump STOCKCHARTS.COM
Trump on Tuesday In the election between Biden and Biden, the index closed at 28,323. With Biden at the helm, it also increased in the next three days but was not called. However, on the Monday after the general election, the index went all the way up and continued to rise, except for a few sharp declines and then quickly reversed.
From Tuesday, November 3, closing: to 7,582 or 27.6%
From Friday, November 6, closing: to 6,738 or 23.8%
From January 19 (the day before the opening): to 4,131 or 13.4% 4,444 Biden 3 4,444 Dow 30 Index Biden STOCKCHARTS.COM 4,444 S&P 500 Index outperformed Biden’s highest point Trump 4,444 Trump saw S&P 500 Index and Dow Jones Index 30 rise slightly. It has risen by 15.6% since the day of the election and has risen by 9.2% since the middle of the inauguration.
Starting on Tuesday, November 8, closing: up 333 or 15.6%
from January 19 (the day before the inauguration): up 209 or 9.2 %
S&P 500 Trump
S&P 500 Trump 4 STOCKCHARTS 4COM. Last Friday, the S&P 500 index performed better than the Dow Jones index. Since the end of the election, Biden’s market rate of return is once again much higher than Trump’s 10.1%, and his return rate since taking office is 6.9%.
from Tuesday, November 3, closing price: until 1,043 or 30.9%%
from Friday, 6th, closing price: until 902 or 25.7%
from January 19 (the day before the opening): until 613 o 16.1% 4,444 S&P 5 index 4,444 S&P 500 index 4,444 under Biden STOCKCHARTS.COM Nasdaq index is Trumps best index
After the election to the end of July, the Nasdaq index performed the highest, which was Tron Pu’s 23.0% is still slightly lower than Biden’s 24.7%.
since the close of Tuesday, November 8: up to 1,194 or 23.0%
since January 19 (the day before taking office): up to 848 or 15.3% Nasdaq under Trump
Nasdaq under Trump
stock STOCKCHARTS.COM since the return rate of 41534 and its inauguration is the only indicator that exceeds Biden by 12.4%.
closing on Tuesday, November 3: maximum 3,676 points or 32.9%
closing on Friday 6th: maximum 2,942 points or 24.7%
from January 19 (the day before the opening): maximum 1,640 points or 12.4%

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