China is celebrating its first successful orbit and landing mission to Mars with a new set of commemorative gold and silver coins.
The People’s Bank of China announced that it will issue a limited edition Astronomy 1 coin on Monday (August 30), three months after China’s first Mars rover, Zhu Rong, began to explore the red planet. Each of the three coins will represent a different aspect of the mission to create history.

China’s spacecraft launched Tiantian-1 in July 2020, and the three-part robotic probe entered Mars orbit in February. Then, on May 14, the lander and rover separated from the orbiter and descended to the surface of the Utopia Plain, a large impact basin on Mars. A week later, Liulun Zhurong exited the lander and began looking for traces of water ice and analyzing the composition of the eroded layer of Mars (soil).
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The probe has completed its main 90 Martian days (sun, or roughly 92 Earth days) Mission, and has begun expanding its business on the surface. To date, Zhu Rong has traveled nearly 3,000 feet (914 meters), during which time he explored sand dunes, studied rocks, and sent back images of the descent hardware that helped him land safely on Mars.

The first of three new commemorative coins from the People’s Bank of China, a 5.3 oz (150 gram) gold coin, shows some of the same mission equipment used, including the rear hull and the Astronomy One supersonic parachute. The 2.4-inch (60mm) coin also displays surface images taken during landing and surface images that appear when the rover and lander are stacked together.

A small 0.3 ounce (8 gram) 0.90 inch (22 mm) gold coin is engraved with an image of the Zhurong probe deployed on the surface of Mars.
The third commemorative coin, made of 1 oz (30 grams) of silver and 1.6 inches (40 mm) long, represents astronomy 1 orbit in orbit Mars.
The People’s Bank of China issued three gold and silver coins to commemorate the National Astronomy One mission to Mars.

The People’s Bank of China issued three gold and silver coins to commemorate the National Astronomy One mission to Mars. (Photo Source: People’s Bank of China)
The three legal coins are engraved with the words “China’s First Mars Exploration Mission: Astronomy 1”, and the China Planetary Exploration Program logo is imprinted on the obverse. . Each date is 2021 and confirmed the mission destination planet is Mars.

The large gold coin has a face value of 2,000 yuan (about US $ 310) and is limited to 1,000 pieces. The smallest gold coin has a denomination of 100 yuan (approximately US $ 15.45) and is limited to 30,000 pieces. 4,444 silver coins, limited to 60,000 pieces, valued at 10 yuan (or US $ 1.55). The
Tiantian No. 1 Gold and Silver Commemorative Coin was minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint Co., Ltd. and distributed by China Gold Coin Corporation. Sales details, including pricing for the three coins, are yet to be released via the China gold coin website.

China celebrated at the beginning of the only astronomy mission with a stamp issued in September 2020, which was its first successful interstellar mission. The stamp is printed in fluorescent ink and shows the robotic probe leaving Earth, rotating in orbit, and landing on Mars. The 1.2 yuan (about 20 cents) stamp issued by China Post commemorates the launch of the Tiantian-1 mission two months ago.
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