Does anyone remember when the “seek help” section of the local newspaper was the place to find work? We must have come a long way from old school resumes and general apps, and it must be so. Tools and processes evolve at an extremely fast rate.

Now, during what is considered a post-pandemic recovery period, our number of vacancies is at a record high. Most hiring managers will agree that even with so many people searching for you, it is still difficult to find candidates. Some people will even say that in today’s job market, there is a battle for the right talent.
Yes, the hiring department has grown, but they seem to be struggling to cope with the large number of applicants and matching them with hiring managers fast enough to become an obstacle for companies that are preparing to grow.

The two main issues are:
1. The time required for
to match applicants with hiring managers.
The faster the applicant is evaluated, the faster the hiring manager can conduct an interview and then make a quote. Before the hiring manager has a chance to interview them, suitable applicants for current vacancies have already accepted jobs elsewhere, and this often happens.

Need to improve the quality of employees.
Hiring managers need basic skills first, then transferable skills, abilities, and perhaps personality. Although personality is important in some jobs, when recruiters and hiring managers rush through the process, when people with better skills and abilities should have it, personality can get an offer. Proper hiring means that employees will stay longer and be more worthy of onboarding and training.

Time-saving automation shifts focus to interviews
Flexso, a leading Belgian service provider founded in 2004, has partnered with TechWolf to create an automated resume search solution. It combines Flexso’s Resume Combination Cockpit interface and TechWolf’s Human Resources AI Skills Engine, which can reduce the time required for SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) customers to review resumes. Selection, analysis, and matching are automated, allowing recruiters to focus on the contact, interview, and hiring process.

The SaaS (softwareasaservice) solution uses data-driven capability that matches applicants’ resumes and job openings, reducing the time and cost of matching high-quality, long-term new hires with job openings. job.

Minimizing the problem of prejudice
Another benefit of derivation of the curriculum is minimizing human prejudice. The automated, data-driven experience shifts the focus from paper printing to skills.
Take me as an example.

I am a California native of South Asia. Also, I personally received suggestions to Americanize my own name to increase my chances of being interviewed. Why? Because my name may be difficult to pronounce, and this alone will foster subconscious bias in the interviewer.

Automatic resume matching focuses on the comparison of applicant’s skills and vacant positions, and eliminates subconscious bias. My name, whether it is difficult to pronounce or not, is irrelevant in this combination.
What about applicants?

Through Flexso’s automatic resume matching solution, all companies that use SuccessFactors can match job descriptions with the entire talent pool on SuccessFactors, allowing companies to complete the description and publish it faster.

and the applicant has the ability to find all potential vacancies that match his resume in the company. Applicants have an optional job hunting chatbot to search for open positions. By using this tool, applicants can better position their resumes to the open positions they want to apply for.
When using automated tools to review resumes, applicants also have the opportunity to adapt to automation, which provides them with the best opportunity to move forward in the process.

In the next step, internal employees will adopt the same matching principle, making them a true accelerator of internal growth and mobility. SuccessFactors customers can use Flexso’s interface (Resume Combination Cockpit), which integrates TechWolf’s AI Skills Engine to ensure the customer’s workforce is future-proofed. The system is built in accordance with the European guidelines for responsible artificial intelligence and has been tested. As with any technology, there are additional benefits to using it:

Reduced staff turnover: data / resume-driven capabilities are matched with job openings, eliminating initial biases and ensuring potential employees meet core requirements; therefore number one is Added Opportunities to recruit suitable candidates. Shift Your Approach to Hiring – Hiring saves the time and effort normally spent manually reviewing resumes and can focus on building relationships.

Cost reduction – Automation reduces hiring time and reduces staff turnover, which has the combined effect of saving costs / increasing return on investment in hiring. It’s hard to believe that we actually found a job in the “Need Help” section of the newspaper. It is amazing how far automation and artificial intelligence have taken us.
For more information on Flexso’s resume matching solution, check out their presentation for the 2021 SAP Innovation Awards.

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