Affiliate marketing may start as a juggling of bloggers and other people who earn most of their income through advertising or other channels, but with the rise of influencers and a large number of sponcons on social media, the idea of ​​taking advantage of one person Own existence to earn some money, and greatly promote the sales of products, brands or services, these products, brands or services already have their own lives. To emphasize this point, today, a company that created a market to help connect people and businesses in a broader relationship announced a huge round of financing.

Impact, which creates a partner management platform that enables brands to attract people to participate in influencer and affiliate marketing or broader business development; allows publishers to also connect with brands and influencers; and provides infrastructure to track the content And to increase revenue around it, it has completed 150 million US dollars in financing, valued at 1.5 billion US dollars.
The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) leads this round, and Providence Public is also involved. The company will use the funds to continue to expand its partner network and the types of tools it creates for brands, agencies, and publishers.

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Impact runs what it calls a “partner cloud”, which is a bit like a “marketing cloud”, targeting what it calls a “partner economy”. Those who use affiliate marketing or influencers to spread information about their products; those who use their personality or content to do so; and platforms hosting content can use Impact to interact with each other and run business operations in it.
“We started as a platform primarily used in private market environments,” Impact CEO David A. Yovanno said in an interview. “We are the first product to have products and technologies in the alliance field. We call this category “partnership”, but we didn’t come up with the term, it was used by our customers in innovative ways when they started Finished afterwards.”

Impact has flourished and sponged with the rise and popularity of influencer marketing. In the past year, the New York startup’s annual recurring revenue exceeded $100 million. Its customers include Lenovo, Microsoft, Uber, eBay, American Express and other well-known companies in the technology and retail sectors. , Capital One, Disney, NBC’s Peacock, Wal-Mart, Target, many D2C brands, and some other large technology companies that I can’t name…In general, their customer list has grown by 50% last year.

Sponcon and related marketing technologies have been on the rise for many years, and gradually have a greater impact on 60% of participating brands who usually invest in online advertising to disseminate information. However, the last year of COVID19’s life has worked as a special impulse, which may not be surprising: people spend more time online and more time on social media instead of participating in the world. Physically, it has caused more and more brands to use this landscape to show their names to potential buyers. The market problems that
Impact has been trying to solve reminds me of some of the challenges in the digital music industry: Initially, frankly, today, for copyright holders in the music world, accurately and effectively tracking location and location is still a challenge.

When the music is used, then increase revenue on this basis, especially when the music is used for a long list of user-generated content. A similar situation exists in the
Sponge World, especially when you consider how to sample video clips and occasionally spread them, and these reuses are far from their origins in the process.
Therefore, the game provided by Impact here is not only accounting, but also a market for entities to discover and interact with each other. It may also be a big data game that tracks how and where content is used, and will be anywhere. participate. what happened. If the space continues to grow as it seems, it means more work and more investment to track the space.

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