NASA’s new Orion capsule is one step closer to returning to space, this time for a mission to orbit the moon.
NASA released photos of a spacecraft heading to the moon moving between buildings at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as part of preparations for the launch of Artemis 1, the satellite designed to achieve an unmanned journey around the moon . By the end of 2021. On Saturday
(July 10), Orion moved from a payload processing facility to another building, where it will receive the launch abort system. NASA’s Discovery Ground System Twitter channel recorded the trip.
in the photo: Orion capsule: NASA’s next spacecraft
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“These photos show @NASA_Orion arriving and launching into the system facility Abort (LASF), located at @NASAKennedy, where the team will add a launch abort system (the tall and thin frame seen here) to the top of the spacecraft I launched @NASAArtemis,” a tweet on Monday (July 12) Say. The
Orion, which has flown for the first time since the Earth orbit test in 2014, will be launched into space by NASA’s Space Launch System non-flying rocket to a deep space destination. SLS encountered several technical issues during testing in Mississippi at the end of 2020 and early 2021 before it was shipped to Florida. In June, NASA personnel piled up the SLS scene at Kennedy, and Orion plans to climb to the top of the rocket in late summer.
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Artemis 1 will be a vital unmanned test of the lunar program before the astronauts plan to land. During the flight, Orion will use sensors and a simulated human body to orbit the moon to measure radiation and pressure levels in deep space. Itspassengers” include the “moonikin”, recently named after the Apollo 13 engineer.
After Artemis 1, a manned mission called Artemis 2 will take place in 2023. A manned landing may follow, and NASA it expects to fly by the end of 2024. No astronauts have been publicly appointed to these missions, although some Canadian astronauts will orbit the moon on Artemis 2 to thank the country for its commitment to build a Canadaarm3 robotic arm for the upcoming Gateway lunar space station.
Artemis 1 Orion Capsule
The Artemis 1 Orion Capsule arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to obtain its launch abort system. (Image Source: NASA)
In NASA’s $ 24.8 billion budget request issued in May, the administration of President Joe Biden proposed increasing funding for the deep space exploration system by 5 % to US $ 6.88 billion; This budget line includes Artemis hardware. At the time, NASA CFO Steve Sheen said the landing mission could be delayed.
“I know the goal is 2024, but I think we have to be cruelly realistic,” Shinn said at a news conference when the budget proposal was released. “Because space development is so difficult, the timetable for humanity’s first demonstration flight to the moon and safe return to Earth may be delayed.

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