We already know that Sonos plans to reveal its own voice assistant alongside a new soundbar called the Sonos Ray in the near future, but a new report from The Verge suggests that the company reportedly will reveal new colourways for the Sonos Roam as soon as this week.

The information comes from an email poster found on the Sonos subreddit that reads, “Your future looks bright.” Further, according to users who received the email from Sonos, it also has an URL which says “utm_campaign=roamcolors_teaser_owners,” clearly suggesting that new colours are on the way.

Additionally, the subreddit also suggests that a Chilean reseller called MusicWorld is already advertising the Sonos Roam in new colourways, however, that page seems to have been taken down.

While there has been no official word from Sonos about the new Roam colours (except the email), MusicWorld’s now-deleted page showed the speaker in new Olive Green (Olive), Light Blue (Wave) and Orange (Sunset) colourways, and so does the r/Sonos subreddit.

The new colourways are likely to cost the same as the old Black and White colourways, coming in at $229.

Image credit: Reddit ‘All-Your-Base’

Source: Reddit ‘All-Your-Base’

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