Synopsis: In the near future, robots will be common in society, all families and will work in factories and farms. John Ramsay (played by Tom Selleck) works in a special department of the police station, called an escape squad, which specializes in handling malfunctioning robots. He and his new partner, Police Officer Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes), stumbled upon an assassination plot by a mad scientist (played by Gene Simmons) to create a killer robot.
Why you should watch it: Still enjoying the success of “Magnum PI” on television, this is an interesting move from Selleck, and he did well. The ’80s were an exciting test bed for sci-fi (in fact, Amazon has plenty of classic examples to see) it was a fun action-adventure game with some creativity. (It was written and directed by Michael Crichton.) It is not just an overworked robot repair tool, it seems that every time a domestic robot fails, it threatens human life in some way. Simmons’s evil scientist character also has a cool gun that can lock onto targets and fire targeting projectiles.
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8) Saturn 3
“Saturn 3” should be appreciated and regarded as the basis of contemporary science fiction movies like many other sci-fi movies at the time
“Saturn 3 should be enjoyed like many other sci-fi movies. And is regarded as a piece of history. (Picture source: related film release)
Synopsis: In the distant future, a husband and wife science team lives on a satellite of Saturn and grows food for the hungry earth. When the killer replenishes the mission’s mental illness membership certificate, their The quarantine was broken and replaced the pilot who was programmed to operate the space shuttle. He brought Hector, the latest product in the demigod robot series: an eight-foot-tall machine that he can directly interact with through neural links. As connected to the mind of this completely crazy person, the robot began to develop his habit of killing.
Why you should watch it: This is the best crazy science fiction novel. As we mentioned before, the late 70s and early 80s were an experimental and interesting period in science fiction, and this is a good example of most attempts. Farrah Fawcett and Douglas Kirk play Harvey Keitel, playing the mentally unstable Benson disguised by the murdered Captain James.

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