Introduction: Lunar Base Alpha is a research colony located in Plato Crater on the Moon. In addition to scientific research, it also monitors atomic waste silos stored on the other side of the moon on Earth. On September 13, 1999, a disaster struck; the accumulation of magnetic energy caused an explosive chain reaction of debris, causing the moon to leave the Earth’s orbit and leave the ecliptic plane outside the solar system. The residents of Moonbase Alpha are trapped, unable to return to Earth and roam the Milky Way in their only spacecraft.
Why you should watch it: In Gerry Anderson’s mind, he also gave us “Thunderbirds” thanks to the incredible cast, which includes the extraordinary Martin Landau, and Barbara Bay En and Nick Tate. The first season is currently available for viewing. Although many of the actual effects seem outdated nowadays, don’t forget that this show, especially the first season, contains some very scary scenes, especially “Dragon’s Lair” (S01, E08), which At that time, many young fans of the science fiction had mental scars.
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7) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
“Deep Space Nine” takes “Trek” in a new direction, making it more interesting.
“Deep Space Nine” takes “Trek” in a new direction, making it more interesting. (Image Source: CBS)
Synopsis: The crew of Deep Space Nine (one of the most important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant) is full of adventure. Built by the Netherlands for the Cardassians and now run by the Federation, it sits next to the strategically important wormhole, making it the center of all social and political interests in the area.
Why you should watch: This is the second series of the 24th century. The events occur at the same time as the “Next Generation” events, but this is different. It is not a traditional spaceship setup, but rather a space station. on board. Although it can be said to have a suspicious origin, “Deep Space Nine” quickly established its identity. The story of Dominian War is fascinating, and this avatar also has more visits to the mirror universe than any other “Trek” series.
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8) Star Trek: Enterprise
Long before there was an interstellar fleet, there was only one Enterprise NX01.
There’s no question that “Enterprise” is the most underrated “Star Trek” show, but it has stood the test of time longer than most shows.
(Image Source: CBS)
Synopsis: Long before the rise of the Starship Fleet, there was only one, the Enterprise NX01, the first spacecraft capable of reaching speed 5 in humanity. The crew of this historic spaceship tentatively entered the unknown world, began exploring the galaxy and seeking a peaceful relationship with alien races.
Why you should watch it: This is the first new “Star Trek” show. It’s a prequel to the “Original Series,” and the background is set in the past, which is refreshing. “Enterprise” is arguably the most underrated “Star Trek” series, sadly canceled before time expired. There is no magic wand that can repair the speed engine, we see regular demand for environmental clothing, and even the use of transport aircraft is kept to an absolute minimum. This is a “trek” back to basics, so it is very effective. Some of the best episodes of any “Trek” are in “Enterprise”, including enhanced stories and the best access to the mirror universe yet in “Mirror, Darkness” (S04, E18 and E19).


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