Telescope manufacturers Unistellar and Nikon announced a new partnership to give a broader range of amateur astronomers the opportunity to use high-end equipment and enjoy the wonders of the night sky as astronomy professionals.
According to the July 7 announcement, many of the cameras used by astronauts to photograph Earth from above on the International Space Station are made by Nikon. Through cooperation, the optical icon will help Unistellar by sharing its cutting edge technology and industry knowledge.
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“Like Nikon’s expertise in many fields related to optics and the image Doing and continuing to do the same, we see that Unistellar products inspire joy and enthusiasm on an important and significant topic that was previously difficult for consumers to understand, “said Said, Nikon Senior Vice President Yasuhiro Ohmura, at a statement.
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“We are also particularly sensitive to Unistellar’s unique way of promoting science and lighting on a mass level, and we are excited to collaborate to expand and advance this mission.
Both companies aim to promote scientific knowledge, education and progress, and public participation in astronomy. Citizen scientists help full-time researchers detect asteroids, supernovae, and exoplanets, among others achievements.
“The enthusiasm and motivation of the Nikon team for our common projects is incredible,” said Unistellar CEO Laurent Marfisi in the same statement. “We cannot wait to show the public our future products and how they will accelerate the new astronomical revolution “.

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