The Texas law enforcement agency was recruited Thursday to track down and arrest state House Democrats who disappeared in the House of Representatives and prevent the necessary quorum from passing the legislation, fueling a controversy among House lawmakers. . The fight to vote the bill.
Texas Governor Abbott Convenes Special Session of State Legislature
Austin, Texas July 8: Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Dade Phelan RBeaumont, used a gavel in the 87th session … [+] GETTY IMAGES
Key Facts
The Texas Supreme Court rejected an order Thursday, and three Harris County judges protected 45 House Democrats from arrest.
According to the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, in accordance with this ruling, the Sergeant Major of the House represents the Texas Police Department to force legislators to return by detaining them when necessary.
On Tuesday, House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) signed a civil arrest warrant for 52 state Democrats who have not yet returned to Capitol Hill, with the goal of restoring a quorum for the second special session.
The arrested congressmen will only be brought back to the House of Representatives and will not face criminal charges or fines, according to the Texas Tribune.
The Texas Supreme Court also blocked another order signed by Travis County Magistrate Brad Urrutia to protect lawmakers from arrest.
In response to the Supreme Court’s order to rescind Harris County judges, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: “The Democrats have brought some of the most shameful lawsuits in history… It’s time for them to go. The Capitol is doing what they were selected to do.”
Key Background
In July, 57 House Democrats fled the state, breaking the House’s quorum and preventing the passage of restrictive new voting legislation that will Reduce early voting time, prohibit direct voting, and strengthen mail voting rules. A few days later, Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives voted to authorize the commander to bring back missing legislators and arrest them if necessary to restore a quorum. However, the order did not exceed state limits. Since lawmakers were still in Washington, the first special legislative session ended last week without a vote. The order authorizing the sheriff to force the Democrats back into the State House of Representatives and the arrest warrant for lawmakers have also expired. This week, Governor Abbott called a second special meeting to pass the legislation.
Things to note in
Will any Democrats who return to the Texas House of Representatives be arrested? At least 26 Texas Democrats said they plan to stay in Washington, DC, but some lawmakers have returned to the state. According to AB7News, there were 95 members of the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, 13 of which were Democrats in the House of Representatives. Only five legislators are required to reach a quorum.
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