Introduction: A police detective in the asteroid belt, the co-pilot of an interstellar ice cargo ship, and a United Nations administrator on Earth slowly uncovered a large conspiracy threatening the rogue colony of Earth in the belt. of asteroids. Along the way, evidence of extraterrestrial life was discovered and a series of ring-shaped gates were opened near Uranus, leading to new locations throughout the universe. At the same time, the major factions of the solar system – Earth, Mars, the Exoplanet Authority, and the Beltites – fought each other and eventually threatened all life on Earth.
Why You Should Watch It: “The Expanse” has earned a place among the giants of television science fiction, as have “Battlestar Galactica” and “Babylon 5.” Currently, it is the most interested science fiction novel on television. You can learn about everything that happened from season 1 to season 3 here, and a lot happened. So you can learn about what happened in season 4 here. Personally, we think that seasons 1 and 2 are a bit better than seasons 3 and 4, but this by no means means that they are not worth watching. Then came the fifth season, which surprised everyone. It is brilliant. The plot is very complicated and fascinating, and the personal acting is excellent. Forget about any Krell hologram creation thinking machine in Altair IV, watching “The Expanse” will permanently double your IQ.
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2) Farscape
This interesting, innovative and somewhat crazy sci-fi series comes from Australia… and it’s great.
This interesting, innovative, and somewhat crazy sci-fi series from Australia suddenly appeared… and it was great. (Image source: Jim Henson TV)
Synopsis: During an experimental test flight in low earth orbit, astronaut John Clayton (played by Ben Browder) was ejected through a wormhole into another galaxy and the world is far away Of the universe. He found himself as a fugitive crew member on a living biomechanical spaceship named Moya, who had escaped from a brutal army called “peacekeepers”, and hoped that one day he could find his way home.
Why you should watch: “Vision” is different from anything that existed before; this show is bold, bright, and a bit crazy. In the era when CGI enters a new chapter, “Vision” is very dependent on actual effects, especially alien creatures, with amazing effects. A solid lineup of characters, some spaced plots, just right humor, and most of the excellent writing make this science fiction drama very interesting.



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