Superbrothers A/V is an independent team that created Sword and Sworcery in 2011. Last year they launched their next game Jett: The Far Shore which attracted people’s attention. The revealing trailer didn’t say much except for “space” and “relaxing atmosphere”, but it was corrected by showing an in-depth game trailer in Sony’s live broadcast of today’s broadcast status a year later.
was developed in code by Superbrothers A/V and Pine Scented. Jett is an exploratory action game that focuses on your floating spacecraft (called “jett”). You will spend a day drawing a map of an unexplored “mysterious ocean planet” to track something called the “National Anthem Wave Signal”
and avoid the less friendly creatures on this planet.
Avoidance is the correct statement, because Superbrothers explains that you will not fight against nature. You will use scanners and detectors instead of rockets and weapons to use stealth and speed to keep yourself away from the sight of the earth.
A “leisure exploration” game, you must defeat a monster from time to time? This sounds incredible. Superbrothers seems to realize that the color and appearance are reminiscent of No Man’s Sky, so it is clear that Jett is not a survival simulation game that collects resources. Obviously, this is a single player game with an open world and story that you can explore at your own pace. In other words, you will spend time scanning for weird plants and leaving your ship looking for first-person shots, so maybe this is not a bad comparison after all.
Jett: The Far Shore will be available on the Epic Games Store and PS5 sometime in the winter of 2021.



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