Introduction: Set today, a group of future travelers appeared at the Qatar World Cup final and announced that in the next 30 years, all of humanity is on the brink of being genocidal by particularly hated aliens. Those chosen to move forward in time include former soldiers (Nature) and school teacher Dan Forest (Chris Pratt), who work with seasoned veterans and recruits to save humanity.
Reason for recommendation: This is a sci-fi blockbuster with popcorn, comparable to “Independence Day” or “The Battle of Los Angeles.” In fact, you’ll notice that other sci-fi movies like “Wonderful Flowers” have an impact on “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Millennium.” Although this will not win any awards for writing stories, it is massive hooliganism.
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10) What We Left: Remembering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
“DS9” writers, including Ira Steven Behr and Ron Moore, created a new hypothetical series, the first episode of
“DS9” writers including Ira Steven Bell and Ron Moore, created the first episode of a hypothetical new series (Image source: Paramount + / 455 movie)
Synopsis: Show host Ira Steven launched a fundraiser a few years ago, followed by An incredible tribute documentary reviewing “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” interviewed nearly every actor, including Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson. Unfortunately, Avery Brooks’ contributions are limited to archival material.
Why You Should Watch It: If you’re a “DS9” fan, this is a must see; These ideas are not only fascinating and often poignant, but they are also co-produced hypotheses in the writers room packed with the best writers of “Star Trek.” The fictional first episode of the new series was also inspired. Look back at the first few comments (and how negative they were), the cast’s decision, and the issues faced throughout the production process. This documentary also marks the first time that footage from “DS9” has been played in HD, including part of the main battle sequence in “Sacrifice of Angels” (S06, E06).


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